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Choosing An Indoor Ceremony Space

When planning your wedding hundreds of decisions have to be made. Your venue will be one of the first decisions you make. When picking your dream venue, one of the main defining factors is whether or not the ceremony space is indoors or outdoors.

A common misconception is that indoor ceremony spaces are not as pretty in photos. While the natural light of an outdoor ceremony space can definitely lead to some dreamy vibes, indoor ceremony spaces can shine too!

Indoor Ceremony Pros:

- Weather is not a factor. You don’t have to worry about your guests getting too hot or too cold.

- Getting married indoors means you can get married in the off season easier. Wedding season in Texas (and most places that have defined seasons) runs from late March to the end of October. If you get married between November-February, most venues will have off season pricing (even cheaper if you are willing to take a Sunday or weekday wedding).

What to Look for:

- WINDOWS. This is #1 if you want those stunning indoor images. Big windows (more than one) are key to natural light indoors. Huge bonus if there are windows on both sides of the building. Some spaces have windows along one side, and while this can be beautiful, as a photographer I get extra hyped when the light is streaming in from both sides to keep everything nice and even.

- Light colors on the walls. Creams and shades of white are your friend. These colors help reflect the light and brighten the whole vibe. Barns with natural walls are gorgeous but wood tones tend to be warm and/or dark. This can work, but won’t reflect light nearly as well.

- Light fixtures that give off even lighting. Chandeliers are ideal and anything that resembles a spot light or casts harsh shadows are not going to be as flattering.

Even if you choose a venue that has an outdoor ceremony site inclement weather can hinder your original plans. Each venue has a backup option for your ceremony. Make sure to ask about this and look at the space during your venue tour. You can even ask if there are photos taken in that space so you can see what it looks like in the case of bad weather. Some venues have backup options that are less than ideal, and that is something to factor in when choosing your venue.

Check out my favorite DFW Indoor Venues Below!

Botanic Research Institute of Texas - Fort Worth

Ashton Gardens – Corinth

Aristide - Flower Mound

Hidden Pines Chapel – Hurst

The French Soireé- Terrell

Photo credit: Allie Marie Photography

Always feel free to reach out if you are unsure if your indoor ceremony space will photograph well. I am always happy to offer an objective professional opinion whether or not I am your photographer.

Best Regards,

Haley Hill

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