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Insider Feature - Shangri Llama

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

New accomplishment unlocked! On January 30th my images were published as part of an article on Insider. This publication has over 10 million followers on Facebook and counting. Wow guys. I am in awe. I think I am also darned excited since it is a non photography focused blog. Not something I submitted to, but an article on an amazing venue that wanted to feature MY work with such an important piece of press.

Shangri Llama is so fun you guys. They offer llama lessons, llama parties, and as of January 2020, weddings & events! This castle vibe is great for themed weddings, or someone looking for a romantic twist that you often don't find in Texas. Of course one of the biggest draws of this venue is the potential to add llamas as surprise guests on your special day. These docile and hilarious fuzzy guys are something that will definitely make an impression in your photos and with your guests.

Haley Katherine Photography is the preferred photographer for this venue, and is included in their inclusive wedding packages. So if llamas and castles are your thing, maybe I will see you there!

I'll let the professional article tell you the rest!

Insider Article - https://www.insider.com/you-can-visit-a-castle-in-texas-called-shangri-llama-2020-1

Shangri Llama Website - https://shangrillama.com/

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