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Intelysis Club TPC - Waikiki Hawaii

Aloha! I was back with Intelysis and the fabulous Dexter Howard Events for Club TPC 2020. Waikiki was the gorgeous setting for this group of talented individuals to get together to relax and network.

I think my favorite part of this group business leaders is their tight community. While business is discussed and achievements are accomplished I am amazed at how much fun they have together.

We enjoyed delicious cuisine, canoe races, local music/dance performances, and horseback riding. We rode horses at the location where they shot the movies Jurassic Park movies and Pearl Harbor. Plus I got to break out my new sun hat and that automatically makes it a pretty great trip! It was gorgeous y'all!

Thankful I was able to stick my toes in the sand and enjoy a little bit of sun in the dead of winter. Looking forward to joining the team again next year for new adventures.

If your company or group is looking to host a trip or getaway, definitely check out the great team at Dexter Howard Events. Everything they have been a part of that I have had the pleasure of joining them for has not only run smoothly, but been unique and a complete blast.

Best Regards,

Haley Hill

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