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Patience is a Virtue (That I Often Don't Have)

March 18, 2016

My mother always says (and I mean ALWAYS) "Just take it slow and easy, there is no need to rush."  Even though I hear these words on a daily basis in the back of my mind, I have a hard time living by them.  I often feel like I need to rush.  I want to be my best NOW, not later.  I want a great business NOW, not a few years down the road. Millenials are a instant gratafication society, and I am honest enough to admit that I am a product of my environment. I am competetive, driven, and sometimes entitled.  


There are times when I see something from my own narrow and skewed perspective and have a hard time understanding why my hard work hasn't paid off yet.  A lot of that comes from lack of experience. The rest comes from my own tendency to put pressure on myself. I know a lot of people who struggle with taking responsibilities for their actions.  I have the opposite problem, I want to blame myself for everything (it's a horrible strategy if you were wondering).  I often see fault in things I have no control over and worry about things that aren't important in the grand scheme of things.  Unfortunately, no amount of pushing, kicking, or screaming will speed up the numerous processes I want to hurry up while I tap my foot and try to glare them into moving along at a pace that is more to my liking.  I have to nurture my business, slowly build the investments, and work hard to build a base of clients. I have to give myself a little slack and understand that not having everything in place at age 22 isn't the end of the world. I have to realize that things will never amount to the perfection I envision. I will never stop pushing, learning, and doing what I can to get better.  I will appreciate everything more because of how hard I worked to make it happen. The imperfections and lessons are what make life worth living.  It's just difficult for me to see in the moment.  



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