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November 29, 2018

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10 Things About Me (Part 2)

April 11, 2016


Part 2 to my "About Me" series.  Enjoy!





1. I enjoy reading in my spare time.  I like reading books, articles, and other blogs to keep my mind sharp and keep new ideas coming. Currently I am reading Game of Thrones (I am aware I am a late adopter).  


2. My biggest struggle in my fitness journey is staying out of carbs.  I love buttery bread and pasta more than I like to admit.  I indulge, however have to exibit a lot of self control in order to keep my intake moderate to light. If a restaruant has yeast rolls on the table, I am probably having twenty.










3. I won't stand near windows in tall buildings because I have an irrational fear of falling through the glass. 

4. I collect antique cameras and enjoy all sorts of old things.  My grandpa and I would frequent garage sales and antique auctions when I was little. I will post pictures of my camera collection with more detail in the future.  

5. I attended Baylor University (Sic 'em!) for my bachelors degree in Film and Digital Media.  I completed my bachelors in 3 years.



6. I have a loud speaking voice and am often unaware of my own volume. I attribute it to years of public speaking competitions.










7. I love traveling and stayed in both Italy and New York City during my time at Baylor. If you are in college, study abroad! It is worth every penny!

8. My mother's chocolate cake is my favorite baked good and I rarely make it due to lack of self control. 

9. I have a Pinterest addiction and can spend hours perusing boards and finding inspirations of all kinds. You can find and follow me by clicking the Pinterest button in my social bar in the header of every page, however it is not strictly photography thing or my work.  You will find boards on crafts, interior design, cooking, fitness, and even succulents.  

10. I like candles, not only for the scent, but for the light.  I find it immensly relaxing.  Candlelit baths are a guilty pleasure of mine.  


I am going to make a habit of adding blog posts with fun facts about me.  I like to share parts of my life with you all. If I was guessing, it's probably in the very least mildly amusing to read my weird past times, hobbies, and interests.  I am an old lady in a young body if we are being honest.

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