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November 29, 2018

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Revamping Old Work

I have finally completed the chore of going through all of my old work and adding my watermark. Yay me! I have avoided that project for far too long. The main thing I noticed as I started looking at my old work was how little I knew about editing and what my style was when I first started.  Therefore I revamped the editing on my old work and am over the moon at the how much better they look.  Doing this taught me that I used to not put enough stock in lighting, and for some reason I believed that every color needed to be super saturated! It is funny how much you develop as you create more, invest more, and learn more! I am partially embarrassed to say that the before photos were on my website for a long time! But I have to go back to the fact that this is a learning experience, and it's a win in itself to know the difference and be able to offer more to my clients. Here are a couple of before and after examples to show how far I have come!











Seriously... Did I actually know what exposure was the first time I edited these? I also have a preference of adding a little warmth to the temperature of the majority of my work.  This doesn't apply to to black and whites of course, but I just like the warm inviting look more often than not. And me revamping the photos wasn't a complete overhaul of everything I did before the last few months, it's more about adding a little glow or adjusting the shadows with a little more finesse. 














                    My biggest piece of advice if you are wanting to step up your photo editing game? Use Adobe Lightroom. It is only $10 a month for Lightroom and Photoshop through their website.  When I was broke and in college (the broke part hasn't changed much) I just used my Mac's pre-installed editing features and I wish I could strangle my younger self and tell them it was worth it.  I lost quality and learning time with both faucets of Adobe Suite I have come to love. The great thing about Lightroom is you can create your own custom presets if you have a standard filter you return to on a regular basis. I am no master at this yet but here is a great starter video from the folks at Adobe to help you get started! 









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