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Dealing with Writer's Block

June 13, 2016


As someone who doesn't lead an extraordinary life full of travels, is still inching towards steady work, and holds down a full time job in addition to my photography business, I often have a hard time coming up with new material for blog posts.  I know I am not the only blogger to ever face this issue and I wanted to pass along some advice on overcoming the inevitable writers block that comes with churning out blog posts every week.  


- First off, if you are a creative type and somehow don't already have a Pinterest account, stop reading and make one now.  In my humble (and correct) opinion it is the best website to help with inspiration, organization, and everything in between. You can also follow my Pinterest page if you are interested in seeing what my hours of pinning has earned me. Pinterest is great for anyone, but it holds a special place in my heart for helping me find some of the best bloggers the internet has to offer, which has led to hundreds of pages worth of valuable information.  


- My next piece of advice would be to think about life lessons and experiences you have had recently and pass that information along to your readers.  As you build a base of people who read you work and look forward to you posts, it can be beneficial to put a little of yourself into your posts to help connect with those you may never meet in person.  You just move to a new apartment/house? Share pictures of your new place! Get a new furr baby in your family? The internet loves adorable animals! Make it through a big tribulation? Success stories are always uplifting! Have big news? We want to hear it! Plus, a blog post can be much more sincere than a tweet or status update.


- I personally prefer to write in bulk. This means I will sit down and write 2-5 blog posts at a time so I don't have to set aside time several times a week when I am busy and usually tired. This also means I will usually write when I am inspired versus forcing it when I don't truly want to be on my computer. I also keep an ongoing list on my phone for when I think of new ideas.


- Make sure you have a space where you can think and work in peace.  If you don't have space for a home office, make one end of the dining room table your organized space. Curl up in a comfy arm chair with a cup of tea and let the creative juices flow. Trying to write with TV on in the background or people interrupting me while I am in the zone is something I have a hard time with and to breaks my precious train of thought. 


- I think the biggest piece of advice I have is be consistent! Even when you just want to throw your hands in the air and forget about it. If you hold yourself accountable and make yourself get through times of writer's block, you will become a better writer and will earn a sense of pride for not giving up your consistency when you didn't think you had anything engaging to share. 




Never underestimate what you have to offer in the form of words and ideas.  Look to other bloggers for ideas to help you when you are stuck. Find what works for you. If you have any other advice to share, comment or email it to me and I'll make sure to pass it along! 



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