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10 Things About Me (Part 3)

June 16, 2016


Alright, round three.  As these go along, I can guarantee the facts will get stranger, since I will slowly run out of material and have to delve into the more entertaining parts of my life.  



1. I was raised shooting guns and am actually a pretty good shot.  I went hunting with my dad when I was little and lost interest in the hunting part as I got older, however still go shooting every couple of years.


2. I want to make pretty baked goods, but don't tend to have much luck on the presentation part.  I can make some delicious stuff but my lack of patience leads to less than pristine results in the presentation department.  If I ever accomplish a pretty cake, you can bet it will be on the blog!


3. I am a hot tea addict.  My favorite is Earl Grey but I love green tea and herbal as well.  I always have a cup in the morning at work, and often in the afternoon as well.



4. I was sheltered growing up and didn't kiss anyone or go on a date until I was 19 and in college. 


5. One of my biggest struggles when shopping is my height.  I like skirts and dressed but they are all too short or an awkward length on me.  


6. I almost always have bruises on my legs and hips from tripping and running into things.  I am ridiculously clumsy, to the point of being a hazard to myself and those around me. 


7. I enjoy films that make me think. I recently watched American Beauty for the first time in a few years and forgot how moving it really was to me. If you have seen that film you probably were really engrossed like I was or completely freaked/weirded out. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.  It is not something you probably want to watch with your parents or a mixed crowd though. The content is a bit shocking.  


8. Speaking of film, I enjoy all parts of making films, except for writing screenplays. I can survive writing blog posts but I had to write a screenplay in college and I have made sure all copies have been destroyed.


9. I took 5 years of Spanish in junior high/high school, and 2 years of Italian in college. I retained nothing. I am horrible at foreign languages. A few words stuck, but I am 99% useless as a translator. 


10. In relation to the cake fact, I am one of those people who assume that since they are a creative person that they should be able to accomplish anything they see on Pinterest. If there are any other Pinterest addicts out there, I am sure you can relate. Some of my stuff turns out great, but I have had more than my fair share of humbling experiences.  





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