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Lessons Learned: Rainy Shoots

June 20, 2016

This Spring I had the pleasure of doing a weekend full of senior shoots on Baylor campus. It is always great to shoot in a location that holds a lot of meaning to you (sic 'em!), but my challenge this time around was the weather. It was a rainy mess for the majority of the weekend, and it wasn't a group of shoots I could easily reschedule since I was driving down from Dallas.  It was a great experience since I had never shot in the rain before.  It was a challenge to say the least. Keeping the equipment dry while also doing everything in my power to keep my clients dry and fabulous was crazy! Here is my advice to those working with wet weather.  



- Umbrellas are obvious, but also bring several towels to wipe down surfaces and wrap camera bags in when necessary.  


- Make sure you know the area well enough beforehand that you have several locations for shelter for when it goes from a sprinkle to a downpour.


- Put all of the equipment in your bag in ziplock bags so if the bag gets wet, your equipment isn't in danger. It might look a little ghetto, but I would rather look funny than replace anything.


- Ask your client to bring a pair of shoes they don't mind getting dirty when moving from location to location.  Mud and heels don't mix!


- Even if the weather is warm, wear a raincoat so you can tuck your camera under your arm when you aren't actively shooting.


- Make sure your phone is charged well so you can check the radar if necessary during the shoot.


Hope some of this helps my fellow creatives next time they get faced with less than perfect weather! 





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