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July 25, 2016

I happened across a quote today and it struck me. "Success is found where preparation and opportunity meet."  I couldn't agree more.  There is no way to anticipate every possibility, however doing everything in your power to be ready when opportunity strikes is very important.



The first example that comes to mind is when a potential client requested a business card, and I had run out of the few I always carry in my wallet.  It was embarrassing and did not give a great first impression to say the least.  Me being prepared for that moment wouldn't have been difficult, however I didn't make it a priority and it led to me fumbling my way through an opportunity instead of confidently whipping out a business card and representing the organized nature of my business.  Knowing what needs to be done and getting it done ahead of time is not only smart, but will take a huge load off of your shoulders when you feel prepared and ready for the upcoming challenges and tasks at hand.



I quote my non-event clients (portrait, family, and couple shoots) two weeks until I have edited their photos and mailed their flash drive.  I don't wait until the thirteenth day to look at those photos.  As soon as I get home from a shoot, I back the photos up, and start culling them.  That way, when I have a long day at work and can't find the energy to edit for two hours in the middle of the week, I have already got a jump on what needs to be done, and know that taking an evening off isn't going to put me behind schedule and cause me to feel rushed to complete what needs to be done. The other bonus to this is I often get done with the edits days or even a week in advance, and performing ahead of schedule is an AMAZING way to wow your clients and get those coveted referrals for more work. Think of it this way, if you told a client you could get their edits to them in a week and unforeseen circumstances lead to you delivering a few days late sounds a lot worse than quoting for two weeks and getting the project completed within the allotted time frame (or even a little sooner).  The more you edit sessions the more you will understand your own flow and adjust your expected turn around time appropriately. Making yourself avoid procrastination will make your life a whole lot easier (trust me!).  Preparation over procrastination. You will thank yourself when tight deadlines make you sweat!



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