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November 29, 2018

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Featured Senior Photography

August 1, 2016

For the first time I am working on submitting my work to different publications and seeing what sort of response I get. I was very honored to get a few of my senior portraits featured on a couple of Instagram pages geared towards senior photography. I am loving that I am confident enough with my work to put it out there the way I have been. It has always been a struggle to share my work, even when I am proud of it for fear of it not being good enough. I am so glad that I have been able to work past that and realize that all art is subjective and if your clients are happy and you are happy, there is no one else that can truly judge your work. Feel free to click either of the badges below and check out the pages yourself!


















I will keep you guys abreast of the pages I am fortunate enough to be featured on.  I will also start leaving the badges in the footer of my website with links to the pages they were featured on so feel free to browse as I (hopefully) add more!




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