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Shutting Your Mind Off

August 22, 2016

I am a very Type-A person. I like to plan. I like to organize. I like to know what is happening in my life and how to best anticipate what is happening next. This means that I am prepared for what is happening more often than not, and can be more than a little put off by things happening that I didn't expect. You are thinking one of two things right now. Either 'I completely get where she is coming from', or 'you can't possibly believe that you can anticipate everything'. To the first group of individuals, thank you for understanding my habits, and to the second group, no, I don't think I can control everything. It just makes me feel comfortable and safe to be prepared. For example, I have most of my Christmas gifts I plan to buy for people picked out, on my Amazon wish list, and know when I am going to purchase them. I meal prep on the weekends for the entire week. It is great to be prepared, but it also can be hard to let go of it all. What prompted this particular blog post is me spending my morning at work wondering in the back of my mind what I was going to write about. A sort of worry and nagging feeling of being unprepared that fades in and out throughout my day. I can distract myself and stay busy, but as soon as I have a moment's pause, I immediately start wondering what I haven't finished, and what I am behind on. 



I want to make sure I am doing everything I can to keep this business growing, I don't want to get lazy and make a mistake. I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist (cause let's be honest, my apartment could be cleaner and contain less cat hair), but I take a lot of pride in everything I do and want it to be the best that it can be. I have made progress in recent years about shutting down. The important thing is to find something you truly enjoy, that gets you out of your hard working and intense schedule and lets you take a break.I work out, read, knit, or take a nap. Find a space that you can truly relax in. My bedroom is generally a no work/stress zone. Unless I am cleaning or putting laundry away in there, I only use it for sleep and me time. I will admit to a handful of stress cries in there, but that is an entire different post about letting some of that pent up emotion out.  I find nothing wrong with being Type-A and I love it most of the time. Moderation is the key. You have to realize that you aren't truly in control, and that's OK. Just take a deep breath, write a few more appointments in your impeccably organized day planner, and put it all away for a while. You deserve it. 



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