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Get the Most Out of Your Senior Session

September 6, 2017


Senior photography sessions can be as simple or elaborate as you please. Some people just book so they can appease their parents, but if you want to wow with your senior session, I have compiled a list to help you along the way!




Show Off! Pull out those heels and party dress you never get to use, go shopping for something fabulous that makes you feel like a diva, and for the guys, find a complementary color and try to put on some jeans instead of that same pair of basketball shorts you wore to every class for the past 4(ish) years. Heck bring out a suit and class it up. I limit the number of outfits in my session (unless you are interested in booking extra time) in order to showcase the outfits you pick well, but I don't mind you bringing several options to choose from. I will always give an honest opinion if you want one.



Location, Location, Location: Are you a country girl, a city boy, an urban artistic type, or none of the above? Your location sets the tone for your session and makes an impact on your session. The campus of your school is classic and always a good place to start, but how about a place of real significance and beauty? An open field, a skyline, an old barn, or a creek with bubbling water, or a simple street with nice cobblestone. I always have ideas to offer, but do your research too, so you make sure you pick a space that says something about you.



Make it Dynamic! Motion and action in photos really can lead to something special. Ideas for this category are: Glitter, confetti poppers, champagne (for college grads only!), smoke bombs/grenades, bubble machines, paint, and anything you can toss or swing. These are the types of photos that tend to be show stoppers and really set you apart because those moments can't be duplicated. Pro tip for the ladies: Long flowing skirts can make for really dynamic images!



Show Your Accomplishments/Interests! Graduating is a big deal on it's own but everyone has their interests, hobbies, and competitions they did along the way to get there. Were you a track star? Bring all your medals! Were you a book worm? Dust off your favorite covers and bring a big stack. Did you play a mean saxophone? Jazz it up my friend! Are you a video game nerd or fan girl/boy? Bring your nerd gear and wear it proud. The point is that everyone has at least one interest or accomplishment they can show off in their session. And why not? If you are going to commemorate your time in school, you might as well showcase the things that meant most to you during that time. Of course you also need to bring your cap, gown, and any ropes/cords/or stoles you have that represent academic accomplishment. On a side note, I love when clients bring their furr babies to sessions because I am a HUGE animal person.



What's Next? If you are graduating you are headed somewhere soon. Whether it's more school or a job opportunity, let us see where your path leads next. Show your acceptance letter, bring some school swag, wear a lab coat or power suit, and most importantly bring a sign to tell us in a few words what the future holds. Social media is king in this day and age, and a quick sign in your photo can save you a long caption if you play your cards right.



So let me know if you have other tips and tricks to add to the list and let me know if you would like to schedule a session to capture your wonderful accomplishments! Congrats those coming up on their graduation, I hope your last year is great and your next chapter is better!





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