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November 29, 2018

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Jazmin's Senior Session

October 4, 2017

This one is special guys. I have known this girl since 2013 and have been living with her for the past two years. She puts up with my weird hours and periods of cleanliness/severe disorganization. We often will go a week without physically seeing each other between my early morning work outs and her late nights of studying, make popcorn and watch movies together, and deal with my difficult cat Wisp. This girl has busted her butt for her education and is going to be an amazing nurse, because of the type of person she is. From stealing each others food when we forget to go to the store to me forcing my photography work on her when I get excited about a particular shot, living with her has been about as good as two people living together can be (meaning we only try to kill each other about once a month). I have been there when she aced an exam, and when she came home with a bag full of fast food and tears in her eyes. I have seen the hours she spent studying, and the multiple days she would go without proper sleep or personal care to get through her shifts, job, and exams. We understand each of our mother's needs to talk to us on a daily basis, and we often compare family dynamics between my small town country setting and her upbringing in El Paso. She is also one of the few people I ever met at Baylor who was from farther west in Texas than I am.




























I might actually miss seeing nursing books and documents all over the kitchen table and floor. And Wisp will definitely miss sneaking into her room (where she isn't supposed to be) to get cat hair all over as much of Jazmin's stuff as she can. Thanks for treating my cat like the stepchild she is and being a good roomie. Here is to the last three or so months of putting up with each other!



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